One day, about the year 1976, Pepe, Victor, Elvira and M ª José Pujol, who worked together at a school in Vallvidrera Avenue in Barcelona, that before was called “College Ave Maria”, decided to start a beautiful story. They took some children, including Pablo, Gregorio, Juan Carlos … to help them to study, and so, together, they opened the Taiga special education school.

Children and teachers passed it so well and learned quickly that other students came to study with them. So many came: Josep, David, Alberto, Montsita … the the tower where they in Iradier Street became too small, and we found a larger and prettier very nearby, in Pomaret street.

Also came new teachers; Asun, Miguel, Astrid Plantada … who teached animated. The boys studied and prepared, but it was very difficult to find work at the end of the studies

Then, thinking and thinking, Maria Jose and Carmen Rodenas called Toni to come and teach students printing in serigraphy.
With this work they believed they could make a living, so they opened in 1992 a Special Working Center Icària Arts Gràfiques, now in Gràfiques “pulling the cart” Enric Martinez and Rosa Pedrero, Jaime Lopez … little little, and with the help of worldwide, we have been finding customers and we can hiring students.

But there was a small group who could not work and so we opened the Occupational Center Bogatell with a very pioneering work on quality of life and person centered planning.

In 2004 we had the idea of ​​setting up a special work center dedicated to the hotel and catering work and thus was born the Inout Hostel, now Izaskun Quilez and Noemí Caparrós consolidate this innovative idea.

All this was becoming so great that we decided that everyone should participate: parents, teachers, workers, and thus was born Icaria Iniciatives Socials, SAL, nonprofit entity.

Its first president was Juan José López Burniol, after was Pedro Olabarría, who has surrendered completely. But this story would not have been possible if we had not pulled the car all together. Kika Sauquet Deputy to Maria Jose, Joaquim and Carlos may know best what we have experienced.