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Icària Iniciatives Socials S.A.L. created the Restaurant La Fourchette Restaurant in Collserola in 2004. Since then they manage the restaurant offering catalan and mediterranean cuisine giving access to employment to people with some type of disability and allowing their social inclusion.

The charm of La Forchette is the variety of dishes in our Daily menus – monday to friday and Weekend menus. Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine very close to Barcelona. Cuisine committed to the territory offering a wide variety of recipes with proximity products.
From the classic fideuá, different recipes of rice: baked rice with cuttlefish and artichokes or ‘botifarra’, italian pasta recipes, roasted cannelloni, complet salads, a traditional roasted ‘escalivada’, risotto with mushrooms. Croquettes of different flavors, special recipes with local meat, ‘papillote’ or grilled salmon, hamburger with melted cheese, the famous and traditional ‘Crema Catalana’, desserts ‘petit four’, ‘requeson’ with honey.

La Fourchette de Collserola is a place that defends the social transformation of companies, promoting social and sustainable behaviors, improving the quality of life of many people with some type of disability.