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Title: Intervention program in adaptive skills of the Bogatell Occupational Center.
Authors: Vert, S., MJ Pujol i Altres.
Year: 1998


Title: The Compulsory Secondary School Curriculum of the Taiga School: socialization and education strategies from the principles of the LOGSE and the AAMR.
Authors: MJ Pujol, M. Martínez i Altres.
Year: 2001


Title: Games and activities to achieve the curriculum of the infant stage of the Taiga School.
Authors: MJ Pujol, A. Plantada i Altres.
Year 2002


Title: We Learn to Read: Program and activity sheets.
Authors: MJ Pujol, A. Plantada i Altres.
Year 2003


Title: Get excited!: We will help you: Accompaniment program for young people and adults with MR.
Authors: J. Font, S. Vert i Altres.
Year: 2004


Title: From 2 to the supermarket: program and activity sheets.
Authors: MJ pujol, A. Plantada i Altres.
Year: 2004


Title: Welcome to… INOUT Hostel Barcelona!
Authors: MJ Pujol, C. Ródenas i Altres.
Year 2009

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