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40 Years ago...

Icaria Social Initiatives It is a non-profit entity whose objective is to provide support and opportunities for the personal, social and labor progress of children and adults with intellectual disabilities; and for this they have four centers Taiga Special Education School, he Bogatell Occupational Center and special employment centers Icària graphics and Inout hostel.

In the year 1976, Pepe, Victor, Elvira and Mª José Pujol, who worked together at Escola Cam, which closed, decided to start a very beautiful story with some children, among them Pablo, Gregorio, Juan Carlos, who couldn't find where to continue their schooling and thus founded our first service, the Escola d'Educació Especial Taiga . Soon and thanks to the advice of Dr. Wilma Penzo and Ángeles Sepulcre, other students came: Andy Trias, Marc, Aurora, Alberto, Montsità, ... and more teachers were incorporated; Asún, Miguel, Astrid, Cristina Gaspa.The students were excited and preparing for their future, but it was very difficult to find their way.

Mª José and Carmen Rodenas they saw a job opportunity in Graphic Arts and called Toni to come teach the students how to screen print.

They believed they could earn a living with this job, and they believed it so much that they opened the Icària Arts Gràfiques Special Work Center themselves in 1992, its current managers Rosa Pedrero and Enric MartinezThey are adding clients and billing to be able to hire more students with disabilities.

But there was a small group that could not work and that is why we opened the Bogatell Occupational Center with very pioneering work, prioritizing quality of life and planning centered on the person who leads Miriam Paez.

In 2004, and in order to open a work line in services, María José had the idea of setting up a special work center for the Hospitality and Catering industry, and thus the Inout Hostel was born, with Izaskun Quilez and green oriole who already have consolidated this innovative idea.

As a creative application of the incipient marketplace, the annual meeting was born in 2012 Business With Social Value and inter-company Team Building with social value cheers4u.


Taiga School of Special Education


Avda. Vallvidrera, 7 08017 Barcelona
Tel. 93 280 06 08 | Fax. 93 204 15 83

Taiga is a special education school located in a garden tower in the Sarriá district, for boys, girls and young people from 3 to 21 years old, who need high support to carry out their learning.

Taiga shares some objectives with the most important schools: to gather the necessary conditions for all students to progress, allowing access to an adult life with the maximum level of autonomy that enables the capacities and aptitudes of each one.

Taiga is distinguished from other schools in that it targets students who have significant limitations in normal development and who are characterized by significantly below average intellectual functioning, which occurs together with associated limitations in adaptive areas of daily life. Taiga meets all the requirements for physical spaces contained in Decree 299/1997. We educate them from 3 to 21 years of age and we are aware that we have a great responsibility for the future of our students.

We want to discover their tastes and help them build their life project. We work so that they acquire personal and work habits, the knowledge and skills necessary for a full life according to their abilities.


Bogatell Occupational Center


Llull, 130 08005 Barcelona
Tel. 93 485 57 91 | Fax: 93 300 63 26

BOGATELL is an Occupational Center, created in 1995, which belongs to ICARIA INICIATIVES SOCIAL, SAL non-profit owned by families and workers.

Our objective is to provide the necessary support to each of the people we accompany, through well-programmed and evaluated activities of daily living included in the Intervention Program, causing personal growth that leads to greater self-determination, greater degree of adaptation in their environments and greater personal satisfaction.

The intervention model that we carry out places its emphasis on the strategies to be adopted to favor the improvement of the quality of life of the boys and girls of Bogatell. Work is done with personal and individual references and their Individual Support Plan is drawn up together with the person, periodically reviewing and evaluating it; we listen to what you want and look at what you need. We develop strategies that reduce the difference between the person's capabilities and the demands of the environment.

This includes training in functional skills, access to technology, the use of natural supports and work in the community. In short, our goal is to provide opportunities to achieve personal results that favor: Well-being, independence, social participation.


Icària Printing Services
Special Work Center


C/ Pujades, 77-79 1st floor 08005 Barcelona
Tel. 93 300 97 38 | Fax. 93 300 97 82

Icaria Printing Services is a special employment center that offers its clients a wide range of printing services in the following modalities:

Offset, which allows us to print all kinds of stationery, folders, brochures, catalogs, posters, both on paper, cardboard or vinyl. Pad printing that allows the decoration of three-dimensional objects (both industrial and advertising).

Digital printing allows us to print small and large format from folders to large posters.

Textile printing, (also in transfer systems) in which up to 6 colors can be printed on hospital and household clothing, t-shirts, tracksuits.

Flat and cylindrical screen printing, which includes printing on cardboard, plastics, wood, metals and cylindrical objects.

Special techniques, combination of the mentioned printing systems and use of special inks, fluorescent, embossed, UVI.

Graphic design, we understand design as the creation of an experience associated with an organization, product or service, something more than a name and a logo.

Merchandising, we look for ecological gift and promotional objects tailored to your personalized desires as you wish.


INOUT Hostel
Special Work Center


Major del Rectoret, 2 08017 Barcelona
Tel. 93 280 09 85 | Fax. 93 300 97 82

INOUT Hostel is a Special Hotel and Restaurant Work Center opened in 2004 by Icaria Iniciativas Sociales, a non-profit entity. It was the first hotel service in Europe with 90% workers with disabilities in its workforce.

INOUT HOSTEL offers its clients a wide range of services:

Lodging, all the rooms face the Park and are sunny: 10, 6 and 4 beds.

The large rooms have ten beds separated from each other by a wooden partition, in spacious modules of 2 and 4 beds to give you more privacy.

Restaurant, we also offer services for non-hosted clients.

Meeting rooms are suitable for training seminars: conferences, work groups, conferences, "show rooms", brainstorming...

Team Building actions and volunteering for companies.

We have free Wi-Fi, left-luggage service, swimming pool and parking for guests staying.


C/ Pujades, 77-79 1st floor 08005 Barcelona
Tel. 93 300 97 38 | Fax. 93 300 97 82

The Business With Social Value is an annual event that facilitates the knowledge of the products and services of the Special Work Centers and Non-profit Insertion Companies to the institutions, organizations and commercial companies. Since the 2016 edition, it has added the Social & Sustainable Tourism offer to publicize and also facilitate networking for companies that facilitate sustainable tourism business conduct.
A day that has an intense program that combines motivation, updating, reflection, knowledge and business opportunities. ​

Increase purchases of products and services from the social and sustainable sector. ​

The work of social and sustainable companies contributes to making a better world, that's why we take care of them. ​

Effectively publicize social and sustainable enterprises in the business world and institutions


What is Cheers4U?

The largest Team Building Inter-Companies with Social Value, which will be held on October 27, 2023.

For more information, visit the official website of ‘Cheers4U – Team Building 2023’ – ​


What will be done at Cheers4U?

We will compete with more than 100 great experiential teams, we will have fun, we will create our teams and we will carry out the necessary strategies to advance in the game. We will put our skills and knowledge to work to be the best team at Cheers4U 2023. On October 27, 2023, we will do the largest Inter-Company Team Building with Social Value.


Prior registration is required by visiting the Cheers4U website:

Cheers4U Official Website – ​


Promotion of labor integration / Equip EMS


This action is promoted and subsidized by the Department of Business and Labor and 100% financed by the REACT-UE fund as part of the European Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Icaria Social Initiatives receives the support of:

Premios i reconocimientos

Award: Hostelworld Hoscar Award

Category: Special Contribution

Year 2014


Award: Hostelworld Hoscar Award

Category: Special Contribution

Year 2014


Award: Hostelworld Hoscar Award

Category: Special Contribution

Year 2014


Award: Hostelworld Hoscar Award

Category: Special Contribution

Year 2014


Award: Silver Cross

Category: Silver Cross for Merit of Social Solidarity.

Year 2010


Award: Co-Responsible Awards

Category: Best initiative in the category of Non-Profit Entities

Year 2010


Award: ONCE Catalunya Award

Category: Award for Solidarity and Overcoming

Year 2014


Award: President Macia Plaque

Category: Work Merits

Year 2003


Award: V Night of Economy and Business

Category: Work without barriers

Year 2002


Award: Guild of Graphic Industries of Barcelona

Category: Printing on other screen printing materials

Year: 1999


Prize: Joan Casals. Small and medium business.

Category: Human quality

Year: 1998


Award: International Foundation for Entrepreneurial Women

Category: Entrepreneurial woman

Year: 1998


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Title: Welcome to… INOUT Hostel Barcelona!
Authors: MJ Pujol, C. Ródenas i Altres.
Year 2009

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